Do I Need to Hire a Professional Plumber?

It Depends on the Job!

Remember, The Original Plumbing Company is only a call away at (800) 863-1979, and we are available 24/7 for your plumbing emergencies that require the attention of a pro.

So when do you really need to call in an expert? It can really depend on who you are and the situation at hand.

These are some times when you'd definitely want to call in the help of a professional such as our expert plumbing, heating, and air technicians:

  1. When you don't want to spend the time troubleshooting your plumbing issues.
  2. When you don't trust yourself to not make the problem worse
  3. When the problem is time-sensitive, extensive, or dangerous
  4. When you simply don't have the equipment to do what you need done

And these are some times when you don't necessarily need to call in an expert if you're willing to put in the effort:

  1. If you consider yourself good at research and following directions
  2. If you are good at problem solving and working backwards in case you mess up
  3. if the problem is a minor one

Some specific plumbing issues that warrant the help of a Plumbing Company Technician include:

  1. Clogs that require special equipment
  2. Sump pump issues
  3. Anything requiring digging
  4. Installations and removals
  5. Recurring problems

Common plumbing issues such as the following are solvable via Do-it-Yourself methods oftentimes:

  1. Why does my toilet keep running?
  2. Unclogging a drain using a plumber's snake (drain augur)
  3. Simple clogs (if it's persistent, call in help!)
  4. Problems you've fixed before and have experience with
  5. P-trap clogs