Expert Sewer & Drain Maintenance in Pomona, CA

Expert Sewer and Drain Maintenance Pomona, CA

The Original Plumbing Company team simply knows their stuff. Whether it’s help in Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, or Sewer & Drain Maintenance, our guys are the best of the best for your job. Our team happily serves the following counties daily: Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles. Give us a call 24/7 for emergency repairs: removals; installations; routine maintenance; — anything you need at (800) 863-1979.

The appliances that we work on are the foundation of your home. Without these important tools working properly, ideally functioning at peak performance, your quality of life will suffer whether you realize it or not. A common problem we run into is neglected appliances costing our customers higher utility bills that they aren’t even aware have risen. Routine maintenance and always consulting a team like ours is the best way of ensuring your home is functioning as it ought to.  Send in a contact form anytime or give us a quick phone call to set up an appointment or receive a free quote.

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We love to save our customers money through many avenues. The easiest way is to visit our Facebook page, give us a like and “recommend us,” then send us a quick message. We’ll be sure to give you a discount on your next Original Plumbing Company visit! 

What to do About a Clogged Mainline in Los Angeles County? 

A clogged mainline is no small issue. If something goes wrong with your mainline, your entire home’s plumbing could become comprimised. It is wise to learn the warning signs of a clogged mainline so you can always be ready to get someone over to your home to fix the issue. You don’t want to wait until you have raw sewage being dumped into your living room. Give the Original Plumbing Company a call if you notice any of the red flags noted here

Trenchless Drain Replacement in Pomona

Trenchless drain replacement technology is the Original Plumbing Company’s specialty when it comes to saving our customers money, time, and landscaping heartache. This amazing tech lets our plumbers draw a pipe through your existing system without having to dig up anything! This is opposed to digging up all your existing pipes that need to be replaced, often resulting in holes, ripped up lawns, destroyed floors, etc. This technique has literally saved customers thousands of dollars, and it continues to show in their appreciation of it. People who’ve experienced the alternative truly see the huge difference trenchless drain replacement makes. Lastly, it is also helpful in a preventative way, since it helps against calcium buildup and corrosion in pipes! Call us today to learn more about it, or if you need pipes replaced, be sure to ask if your home is eligible for this method. 

Emergency Line Available 24/7/365! 

We handle all calls promptly and professionally, with respect and friendliness. If you are ever in need of a replacement, a brand recommendation, or just help with questions regarding any of your plumbing, heating, or cooling appliances, we are always here for our customers. Just give us a call 24/7 at our Rancho Cucamonga office: (800) 863-1979!