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Recurring sewer backups are the most common sign that you have a serious plumbing problem deep within your drain system. Our plumbing specialists are trained in various traditional and modern methods to ensure your pipes are cleaned swiftly, completely and economically and remain free of debris.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning Services

For the toughest challenges, our plumbers rely on hydrojet technology to completely clear out clogged lines and tanks. This technique utilizes high-velocity water pressure to blast away natural and man-made obstructions, including tangled tree roots, built-up grease, sand deposits and wads of disposal napkins that cling to the inside walls of the pipes.

We recommend using a hydro jetting service for clearing specific areas that are not reachable by traditional plumbing snakes. This modern technique is especially effective for restaurants, which naturally accumulate more grease in the pipes, as well as commercial facilities that have problems with customers flushing unwanted items down the toilets. Despite costing more than traditional methods, hydrojetting often saves our clients money in the long-run by completely cleaning out the system. Additionally, the contained water does not cause any residual damage to the infrastructure of the pipes, the home or the landscaping.

Rooter Drain Cleaning Services

The hydro jetting option is not always available for removing stubborn blockages, especially if the pipe lines are from older materials such as clay, are damaged or have several turns. In these cases, our plumbing experts rely on a drain cleaning rooter that is designed to loosen difficult clogs. Commonly called a plumbing snake, this long, flexible cable is topped with a coiled blade that spins as it progresses through the pipes. The drain cleaning machine is powerful enough to shred tree roots, knock off built-up grease and push out small obstructions. This time-tested method is effective in fixing most drain issues.

Tips for Preventing Clogged Drains

Most common blockages are easily preventable by making small lifestyle changes. You can maintain the integrity of your pipe system by:

• Installing inexpensive steel mesh covers over drain holes in sinks and tubs to catch solids and clumps of hair.
• Do not wash kitchen grease, cooking oil and coffee grounds down the drain.
• Regularly clean the drains by running hot water and baking soda through them once each week.
• Do not flush paper towels or disposable wipes down the toilet.

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