Plumbing in Riverside County

Our expert plumbers have served residents of Riverside County since 1979.
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From clogged drains to backed-up toilets, plumbing issues in your Riverside home or business are not only a nuisance but can also potentially become a major headache. A slow leak in a pipe behind the walls or tree roots blocking the outside sewer line can lead to a disastrous mess that harms the structural integrity of your building and creates health problems.

Riverside residents have come to rely on the expertise of The Original Plumbing Company these past 25 years to fix their sewer and drain systems. Whether we are pulling toys out of the toilet, hydro blasting massive hair clogs out of the shower drain or completely replacing an outside lateral line, we get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our third-generation plumbers combine the best traditional methods with high-tech modern methods.

When your toilets and drains all seem to be slowing down at the same time, the City of Riverside Public Works Department recommends that you check in with your neighbors to make sure they are not having similar drainage problems. A shared issue indicates a clog in the public sewer line, which the city is responsible for fixing. Our Riverside plumbers can meet with city inspectors on your behalf to determine the best resolution for your home or business property.

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If you have a plumbing emergency in Riverside or the surrounding counties, you can contact our professionals by calling (800) 863-1979. Since The Original Plumbing Company is on-call 24 hours a day, our emergency plumbers are available on your schedule and can arrive at your home quickly to address any acknowledged or unexpected problems. Call us for a quote beforehand!