Plumbing Services in Fontana, CA

Plumbing Services in Fontana, CA As the image above shows, Fontana is just a short drive from our office’s location. If you are in need of an expert emergency plumber in Fontana, anytime day or night, we are always here for you because we are open 24/7!

Contact us at (800) 863-1979 and we will be right over for your plumbing solution. We always provide a free upfront quote before taking on a job to ensure you get exactly what you need for a fair price.

Common Plumbing Solutions We Provide Our Customers in Fontana, CA

  1. Video camera drain inspection
  2. Slab Leak Fixes
  3. Multiple Clogged Drains
  4. Mainline Problems
  5. Other Problems that May Require Digging and Re-piping
  6. Just About Any Problem You Have!

No matter the plumbing problem, you can rely on our expertly-trained and knowledgeable crew to solve it! Just give us a call! (800) 863-1979.

Fontana, CA Slab Leaks

Do you know how to tell if your foundation is leaking? Slab leaks can be sneaky and expensive. They are especially tricky in that they are often under floor tiles or behind walls, and can only be diagnosed through careful inspection, and only if you know what you look (and listen) for. Keep an eye out for the following things to ensure you don’t fall prey to a slab leak:

  1. A surprisingly high, and potentially rising water bill
  2. The sound of rushing or trickling water when your faucets are off
  3. Mildew smell coming from your carpets

Noticing any of these things could be a hint that you need the help of a professional to deal with whatever leak you may have. Slab leaks can be serious, so it’s best to get the opinion of an expert before attempting to deal with one.

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