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Few homeowners are willing to spend extra money on professional services until there is a clear problem. The issue with this mindset is that regular service and cleaning actually prevents fewer emergencies from arising and ensures your expensive systems continue to work at peak performance. Being proactive about home drain maintenance also reduces odors, identifies bigger issues and prolongs the life of your expensive pipe system.

At-Home Drain Maintenance

Fortunately, ordinary drain clogs are easy to prevent. Screens filter out large and stringy substances while regular treatments of hot water and baking soda clear out blockages that are beginning to form. Many homeowners turn to chemical cleaners to tackle stubborn clogs. While these products are fine for occasional problems, prolonged use of lye and sulfuric acid may damage the pipes or corrupt the bacterial balance of a septic system.

Professional Drain Maintenance Service

Not all clogs can be fixed by the traditional home methods. Baking soda and chemical agents cannot effectively dissolve invasive tree roots in the main sewer line or push out a backlog of toys or paper towels. A professional plumber has the tools to eliminate these obstructions without damaging your pipes.

Even if you do not have a current problem, it is wise to have a trained drain cleaner take a look at your piping system annually. While removing surface-level obstructions, our skilled specialists at The Original Plumbing Company also inspect the drains for larger problems that could potentially cause major damage. Additionally, since the problem is addressed in the right way the first time, you do not waste your time and money trying various home remedies and over-the-counter solutions.

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A regular drain cleaning appointment is much cheaper than an emergency call, especially if the worst happens on the weekends or a holiday. Call The Original Plumbing Company’s Rancho Cucamonga office at (909) 303-6565 to have an expert plumber look at your pipes. You will always receive an upfront quote with no hidden fees.