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Even when you use a net strainer to catch hair and toys, the bathtub drain is still susceptible to soap scum, shampoo residue and oils. These substances stick to the sides of the pipe and capture dirt, which creates a narrower hole. When this happens, you will notice that it takes longer for the tub water to drain after a bath.

Tackling a Clogged Bathtub

Typically, fixing a slow-draining bathtub is an easy DIY task, but clearing out the gunk inside the drain that caused the clog is a dirty, stinky job. To repair a clog yourself, put on a pair of rubber gloves, remove the drain stopper and then place all the parts in a bowl of vinegar and water. While the assembly is soaking, pull out wads of hair from the top of the drain using tweezers, needle-nose pliers or a long-handled drain claw.

Next, pour a mixture of hot water and baking soda down the drain to break up the hardened residues. Finally, cover the overflow drain with a cloth or painter’s tape and then fill up the tub with enough water to cover the rim of a plunger. Center the plunger over the drain to create a vacuum of pressure that can push any remaining clogs through the pipe.

Professional Fixes for a Clogged Bathtub

If the water is draining too slowly after trying these methods, then there is a clog that requires more powerful tools to flush out. The Original Plumbing Company quickly fixes your clogged bathtub drain by using professional equipment, such as a plumber’s snake, auger or hydrojet, to rip through larger obstructions that have accumulated deeper in the drain line.

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